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  • November 24, 2019

    “God Is Our Refuge”

    Year C: Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

    What is the Christian approach to threats that shake our world? At the moment it may seem that we are busy creating a most unfriendly place with poor decisions that lead to disturbances in nature, pressures on the most vulnerable in society, and divisive relationships. We feel so vulnerable and frightened. But the psalmist says, […]

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  • November 17, 2019

    “Standing Firm”

    Year C: Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost

    After living and working in San Diego for four years, our son moved to Los Angeles last summer to take a new job. At the end of the first week in his new apartment, he felt the strong tremors of the Ridgecrest, Calif., earthquake and crouched under a table as a precaution. The shaking was […]

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  • November 10, 2019

    “God of the Living”

    Year C: Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost

    Can you remember when someone came to you with what seemed to be an honest question, seeking your perspective on an issue, but you discovered that they already had their mind made up? They just wanted to tell you their convictions or maybe make you look ignorant. This happened to Jesus in a confrontation with […]

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  • November 3, 2019

    “Down From the Tree Branches”

    Year C: Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost

    Born in Sweden in 1833, Alfred Bernhard Nobel became a brilliant chemist and inventor. In 1867 he invented a new explosive by incorporating the unstable nitroglycerin into an absorbent inert substance, rendering it safer and more convenient to handle. He called this new mixture “dynamite,” drawing on the Greek word for “power.” This new substance […]

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