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Chris Robertson

  • November 25, 2012

    The Journey Continues…

    Lectionary Year B - Proper 29 (34) – Reign of Christ

    This year has been crazy. I feel like every month has brought something new. In January, my wife, Katie, got a full-time teaching position, and I started my final semester of seminary. By May Katie was winding down her school year, and I graduated, which gave us a week or so before we both hauled […]

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  • November 18, 2012

    Hurry Up and Slow Down

    Lectionary Year B - Proper 28 (33) – 25th Sunday after Pentecost

    It can get overwhelming at times. It won’t relent, and it’s constantly there threatening any sense of security or stability we might have. And none of us can escape it. It pays no heed to invitations, and it just shows up anytime it wants to. Throughout history, the church has had an interesting relationship with […]

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  • November 11, 2012

    Are You Tired of Moving Up?

    Lectionary Year B - Proper 27 (32) – 24th Sunday after Pentecost

    One of my favorite places to grab a sandwich is Firehouse Subs. I don’t know if it’s the steamed meat or what, but it has become a part of my weekly routine. When I walk through the door, I hear, “Welcome to Firehouse!” And I’m immediately hit by the smell of goodness. Oh, how wonderful […]

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  • November 4, 2012

    Jesus - The Better Sacrifice

    Lectionary Year B - Proper 26 (31) – 23rd Sunday after Pentecost

    The Bible is full of some wonderful stories, but if you step back and think about it, there are a lot of strange stories in the Bible that are filled with strange people doing strange things.   Beginning in Genesis, we meet Adam and Eve, two people who spent all day walking around in a garden, […]

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