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Dr. Charles Bugg

  • October 23, 2016

    “It's Hard to Be Humble”

    Year C – Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost

    The heart of the Gospel of Luke is the story of Jesus on a journey. In Luke 9:51, our Lord begins the journey as He “resolutely” sets His face to go to Jerusalem. The journey finishes in 19:28 with His entrance into the city of Jerusalem. It’s more than a geographical trip. In fact, it’s […]

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  • October 16, 2016

    “The Call to Remember”

    Year C – Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost.

    This scripture passage is a call to stick with the old things. I know people are getting more nostalgic these days, but do you really think people want their minister using every Sunday’s sermons to reminisce about the old ways? In fact, churches where I preach these days are into the new. Do you remember […]

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  • October 9, 2016

    “Changed in Unexpected Ways”

    Year C – Twenty-First Sunday of Pentecost

    This is a fascinating story. Like all good stories, it has surprise, resistance, resolution, a captivating plot and wonderfully intriguing characters. In fact, one way to approach a narrative in the Bible is to ask, “With which character do we most identify?” Then, we try to tell the story through the eyes of that figure. […]

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  • October 2, 2016

    “Simple Surprises”

    Year C – Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

    When he was translating the Bible, J. B. Phillips was asked, “What is it like to work that intimately with the biblical text?” Phillips responded, “Translating the Bible is like rewiring your house with the electricity still on. You never know when you’ll be shocked.” Phillips’ response reminds us that the Bible is sometimes jarring. […]

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