NextSunday Worship

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Get Started with NextSunday Worship

What’s Included

For each Sunday, these features are provided:

  • A fresh sermon based on the current lectionary text
  • Choral and congregational music suggestions that match the theme of the sermon
  • The Scripture passage upon which the sermon is based
  • Access to our sermon archives, searchable by Scripture or theme.
  • Access to the significant photo collection on Photo Gallery

Using NextSunday Worship

If you follow the lectionary for sermon preparation, NextSunday Worship provides ideas, illustrations, and music selections ideal for the selected Scripture passage(s). Simply choose an upcoming date from the Next Sunday  Worship homepage and use the information offered for that day.

If you develop your own sermon series, NextSunday Worship provides a wealth of sermons with corresponding music selections that can help support and enrich your own sermon and worship development. Searching the sermon archives can often supply sermons based upon your selected Scripture passage.

Using NextSunday Worship Search feature.

  • For sermons published prior to April 22, 2012, click here.
  • For sermons published since date, click here.

Using the Photo Gallery

The NextSunday Gallery offers hundreds of photos from sites and cities referenced in the Bible. If your church uses visual imagery during worship, these photos can help worshipers better visualize the setting for many narratives in Scripture. Photos are available in thumbnail view as well as larger, downloadable versions. Simply click a thumbnail to view the larger image.